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The History

GBC readies for your unique business needsGBC Consulting was formed in 1999. It is fully owned and managed by local investors who has vast experience in corporate, accounting and tax advisory services.

Our mission is to deliver cost-effective solutions and services that exceed customer expectations while providing a nurturing environment that courage professional growth and bonding.

It is a simple truth that any organization crossing cultural and geographical boundaries requires a well positioned facilitator to ensure a smooth and successful transition. In fact, the initial set-up of either a fledging or established enterprise in a new environment inevitably determines its course. GBC Consulting recognised this imperative.

GBC Consulting functions as an intermediary, for organisations starting up in Malaysia, via the provision of an extensive range of professional and corporate services. We act as cultural facilitators in that we introduce such organisations to the corporate and business culture particular to Malaysia.


A Team Act

To begin with, the individuals at GBC Consulting function cohesively as a team of professionals committed to providing services that conforms to the highest of standards.

Our team comprises of a technically proficient, multi disciplined, client-focused and results oriented group of people who undergo internal training programmes to ensure that they are prepared for the complex cultural transactions involved when dealing with wide range of organisations.

Our practice of professionalism entails attention to detail, immediate response to clients' needs and friendly service that sets people at ease. y wise decision, as you never know when those funds are going to come in handy. This is smart small business finance.


A Real Partnership

We make it a priority to partner with our clients in helping them consolidate their business via our extensive knowledge of domestic bureaucratic and legal processes and procedures.

Simple, quick-fix solutions are not what we're about. Our commitment is to the long-term, and to providing business solutions and professional services that effectively shape our clients' success.

Perhaps what truly distinguishes us is the way in which we relate to people. A significant aspect of our corporate philosophy is the provision of service in a manner that emphasises human contact, so that each of our client understand that their concerns are of real significance to us.

At GBC Consulting, customer satisfaction is our chief priority. Our clients base comprises business from many different areas of activities, including manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, retailing, property management and service companies.



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